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Units of Measurement

The unit stanza allows you configure a unit of measurement. The unit configuration will be used at display time to create humnan-readable output from the raw values. The general config syntax to declare units is:

unit <unit_id> {
  unit_name <unit_name_id> <factor> <singular> <plural> <symbol>

A unit must have one or more unit_names. The appropiate unit name will be chosen based on the factor and value to be formatted. Consider the following example:

unit byte {
  unit_name bytes      1           "Byte"      "Bytes"      "B"
  unit_name kilobytes  1000        "Kilobyte"  "Kilobytes"  "KB"
  unit_name megabytes  1000000     "Megabyte"  "Megabytes"  "MB"
  unit_name gigabytes  1000000000  "Gigabyte"  "Gigabytes"  "GB"

metric disk_space_used {
  unit byte