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Input Formats

This page describes the various formats in which the metrictools accepts input measurements. The formats are generally the same for all pull and push transport protocols.

These are the supported measurement encodings:

Type Description
statsd The statsd format
borgmon, prometheus The borgmon/prometheus format

StatsD Format

A packet must contain one or more lines. Every line is expected to conform to this scheme (labels are optional):


For example, this would insert the value 1.54 into the metric hoststats.loadavg.


To specify labels, include them in curly braces after the metric name. Multiple labels are separated by comma.


You can include more than one line in a packet. The lines may be separated with \n or \r\n. To insert the values 23, 42 and 5 into the metrics mymetric-one, mymetric-two and mymetric-three respectively, you would send this packet:


The colon may be replaced by whitespace for compatibility with other systems:

metric_name value
metric_name{label1=value1,label2=value2,...} value

For example:

host_stats.load_avg 1.54
host_stats.load_avg{hostname="hostxy.prod.mycorp.com"} 1.54

Borgmon/Prometheus Format

Please refer to the https://prometheus.io/docs/instrumenting/exposition_formats/ page.