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Rewrite Rules

There is one rewrite mechanism that allows you to override the labels an metric ids on input measurements. The stanza is label_set.

The label_set stanza

The label_set stanza allows you override a value for one of the labels. This is the syntax of the label_set stanza:

label_set <label_name> <label_value> [default]

The default modifier means that the label should only be set if it is not already set. So for example, this would set the hostname label to localhost for all measurements that do not alrady have a hostname label:

label_set hostname "localhost" default

While this line would override the hostname label for all measurements, even if they already have a hostname label.

label_set hostname "localhost"

The label_set stanza is valid in the global context (where it applies to all metrics), within a metric block (where it applies only to the single metric) and in every collect_ and listen_ blocks (where it applies to measurements received through the respective transport).The order in which non-default overrides are applied is metric, transport, global. The order in which default overrides are applied is the reverse of the previous list.