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The metricd server

metricd is a standalone daemon process that collects measurements and exposes a HTTP API that allows you to execute commands.

Usage: $ metricd [OPTIONS]
   -c, --config <file>       Load config file
   --listen_http             Listen for HTTP connection on this address
   --daemonize               Daemonize the server
   --pidfile <file>          Write a PID file
   --loglevel <level>        Minimum log level (default: INFO)
   --[no]log_to_syslog       Do[n't] log to syslog
   --[no]log_to_stderr       Do[n't] log to stderr
   -?, --help                Display this help text and exit
   -V, --version             Display the version of this binary and exit

   $ metricd -c /etc/metrictools/metricd.conf
   $ metricd -c /etc/metrictools/metricd.conf --daemonize --log_to_syslog

On startup metricd loads a config file. By default, the metricd program will try to find the configuration file in the locations listed below in the order in which they are listed. For detailed information on the configuration syntax and semantics please have a look at the Data Model and Configuration File pages