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The SQLite Storage Backend

To use the SQLite backend, add the backend stanza to your configuration file:

backend "sqlite:///path/to/database"

For example (this would store the data in /var/volatile/metrics.sqlite)

backend "sqlite:///var/volate/metrics.sqlite"

SQLite Tables

Consider this example metric configuration:

metric load_average {
  kind gauge(float64)
  labels datacenter, hostname

When you start metricd with the configuration from above, it will create two tables load_average:last and load_average:history in the backend database that look similar to the ones from the SQL statements below.

CREATE TABLE "load_average:last" (
  datacenter string,
  hostname string,
  value float64,
  UNIQUE KEY (datacenter, hostname)

CREATE TABLE "load_average:history" (
  time datetime,
  datacenter string,
  hostname string,
  value float64

Note that a time columns was automatically added to the history table. The time column stores the end of the time window in which the samples were